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It’s simple to get delicious, wholesome meals. We offer individual and family-sized meals for pre-order with refrigerated and frozen options available each week. Choose a la carte for individual bowls each week.

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Now you can sign up for a weekly subscription of refrigerated or frozen meals. It's simple to have bowls arrive at your doorstep every week. Sign up today.

Kris, Dohmen

“We love BOWLS. The food is awesome – delicious, fresh, and healthy! The Ocho Bowl is a favorite by all. We order from BOWLS for all of our lunch meetings and events and we are never disappointed.”

Nathalie, Focus Training

“We love catering with Bowls as the options are healthy, the staff is friendly and accommodating, and our people are always satisfied! They make the ordering process easy and make sure that every detail is accounted for. I highly recommend using Bowls for your next company event!”

Lindsey, Wantable

“Wantable loves Bowls!! Bowls is Wantable's preferred caterer for our photo shoots, which take place twice a month. We love that Bowls offers a wide variety of healthy options. Everything is truly so delicious - we have many favorite dishes including the Power Berry Salad, Spiced Sweet Potato & Egg, Paleo Bowl, and the Green Goddess! Our photo shoots are very fast-paced, and we love that the Bowls keep everyone energized throughout the afternoon. No post lunch crash from this crew! We like how Bowls orders can be customizable, and the team is flexible with special requests or allergies. There's an option for everyone regardless of dietary needs (GF, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, etc.). The Bowls team is very responsive and hand-delivers each order on time, every time. Plus, they're friendly! They truly go above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Our photo shoots go more smoothly with Bowls as our go-to caterer and we'd highly recommend them to anyone. Your team is sure to love it!”

Michele, Cincinnati Reds

"Selecting meals for a professional baseball team requires a delicate balance of many factors including, diverse backgrounds, individual taste preferences, budget, and, of course, nutrition. Bowls is a perfect fit for our team as it meets all the essential criteria and working with Andy Larson and his staff could not be easier, efficient, and more consistently high quality. Bowls is a win-win for us."

Allison, Pittsburgh Pirates

“The quality of the food is fantastic. It is presented in a way that is appealing to the eye and draws the person in to try it. Serving an athletic population, it’s important that serving sizes are adequate enough to meet those needs. Bowls does a great job accommodating the needs of our team and has taken the time to learn what the team really enjoys. They are timely, friendly, and really great to work with. It is always helpful to go to a city where the restaurant already knows what you need and works to make sure it meets and exceeds expectations.”

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